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Studio 1UK was launched in February 2011, streaming at weekends only. The station was using cheap software to both produce and transmit its programmes; and it showed,  streaming at just 64mbs, making the souud quality pretty poor indeed.  However listeners were starting to tune in and stay with us for some time.  This demonstrated to us that with the right software, equipment and professional approach, Studio 1UK could be a station people want to listen to again and again.  It was decided to shutdown the station for a short time while new, more appropriate software and equipment was purchased and a dedicated website and server could be found.


In June 2011 Studio 1UK was re-launched.  A new website was created, new dedicated servers were aquired and new software and equipment was installed; Studio 1UK was now looking and sounding like the professional internet radio station it was meant to be.


Until recently, listeners to Studio 1UK could only hear the station using a PC or laptop and going direct to our website, or for moblile devices, download the Tunein Radio app from the Apple, (Iphone), or Google Play, (Android) sites. Thanks  to our new radio player you can hear Studio 1UK on any device direct from our website: www.studio1uk.com.  You can of course continue to use the Tunein app for all mobile devices.


Studio 1UK prides itself on producing its own programmes as well as streaming carefully selected music tracks.  Much of the stations music output is automated, however, the station produces a lot of programmes for transmission both live and automated.  If you listen to Studio 1UK you'll know some of the programmes the station produces which include: "Dance Night", "In The Mix", "Totally 80s" & "totally 90s" as well as "The Classics on 1UK", the weekly "Top 20 Countdown" and the welcome return of "Another 30 minutes of feel good music".  Currently there are six more programmes being prepared for broadcast as Studio 1UK goes into the summer of 2017.


Studio 1UK is about to enter its 6th year of broadcasting with listening figures rising each year.  As a pop music station we will continue to bring you the most up to date music from the UK and around the world; but  we wont forget the oldies, with more classic music tracks being streamed and more classic programmes being produced and broadcast on Studio 1UK.


As well as people from around the world listening to Studio 1UK; Studio 1UK has listened to those people and we have already made suggested changes with more changes on the way.  Please keep your suggestions coming, we are always listening.  Email us at contact@studio1uk.com




Gerry Bewley for Studio 1UK.

Email The Studio: contact@studio1uk.com

Email The Studio:  contact@studio1uk.com

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